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About Us

Defeating death and postponing aging are dreams of mankind since the dawn of civilization. But it is just now that, for the first time in human history, we can talk about immortality on scientific grounds. iLabs are here to meet the challenge, both the opportunity and the risk.

We founded iLabs because we believe that a longer life is not just attainable, but it is desirable. We do not believe that any possible future scenario will do the job: even if science and technology will lead us to the so-called “Singularity”, this will not guarantee that our lives will be free from ethical, aesthetical or social flaws.

What we do believe, instead, is that in some kind of future the extension of our life expectancy to hundreds of years will make all of us better off. Building this kind of future requires a life in which we are constantly aware of ethical, esthetical, and social implications of our choices. What we did in the last thirty years, what we do now, what we are going to do tomorrow has always been, is, and will be inspired and heavily constrained by our perspective on values, beauty and social fairness.

Even if we have not yet accomplish the task – actually, we are far from it – , in these years iLabs ideas, images and dreams opened up exciting doors to unexplored paths of human knowledge and to significant real-life applications.

New ideas, images and dreams are needed to help us prolonging life indefinitely and create a future that it is worth our passion and our efforts.In thirty years a lot of people worked with iLabs. Since we are a dynamic reality, some collaborations lasted few months, while others grew stronger and stronger during these years. Those listed below form the current "shell" of iLabs team:

Antonella Canonico
Director of iLabs psyconeurophysiology department
To Die without Fear. Death in our Culture and Two Proposals to Face it”. Her main interest of research are mind-body interactions: at the core of some among the most spectacular applications of iLabs methodology there is Antonella’s ability to understand how mind influences body and vice versa. Antonella is married to Gabriele and she serves as iLabs C.E.O..
Contact: antonella.canonico@ilabs.it
Personal Profile

Gabriele Rossi
Director of iLabs A.I. department
Gabriele was born the July 12, 1959. He graduated in Economics from Bocconi University (Milan), with a dissertation entitled “The Omega System. A Proposal for Software Industrialization”. His main interest of research is artificial intelligence, but, virtually every quantitative subject, from physics to health policies, from nanoscience to financial markets, attracted sooner or later his attention. Gabriele is founder and C.E.O. of Diagramma, a leading company in Italy in providing IT solutions for insurance companies and brokers. Gabriele is married to Antonella.
Contact: gabriele.rossi@ilabs.it
Personal Profile

Marta Rossi
Strategic Partnership Manager
Vice-director of iLabs psyconeurophysiology department
Marta was born the January 29, 1986. She graduated (M.A.) in Philosophy from San Raffaele University (Milan), with a dissertation on entitled “Functionalism 2.0", which explores the ontological foundations of contemporary philosophy of mind and its consequence for ethics and social theory. Her main interests are the mind-body interplay, philosophical and scientific accounts of consciousness and everything related to the forthcoming Singularity. She is project manager for ethics, social scenarios and politics and responsible for iLabs strategic partnerships.
Contact: marta.rossi@ilabs.it

Jacopo Tagliabue
Chief Scientist - Qualitative Modelling
Vice-director of iLabs A.I. department
Jacopo was born April 9, 1985. He graduated in Philosophy (M.A.) from San Raffaele University (Milan) with a dissertation - "Complex Sigillum Veri. An Experiment in Non-Standard Modelling” - on logic, epistemology and complexity science. His multidisciplinary attitude shaped Jacopo's education and research methods: he studied microeconomics (London School of Economics), statistics ( New York University) and complexity (Santa Fe Institute). He is primarily skilled in logic and formal ontology; he is iLabs main supervisor for projects in qualitative modelling and vice-director of AI department and quantitative applications.
Contact: jacopo.tagliabue@ilabs.it

Francesco Berto
Logic and Formal Modeling
Francesco Berto is a fellow of the Sorbonne university of Paris, teaches ontology at the École Normale Supérieure and logic at the universities of Venice and Milan-San Raffaele. He has a PhD (Venice), a pair of post-docs (Padua, Sorbonne) and a scholarship (Notre Dame-Indiana), all in the philosophy of this or that. He has written a bunch of essays and books for Laterza, Carocci, and the King's College of London. Sounds like a busy guy, but he just believes that doing a lot of philosophy is much better than working. He's into foundational issues in logic and metaphysics, and willing to help the world understand the aims of iLabs.
Contact: francesco.berto@ilabs.it

Franco Migliori
Consultant Medicine and Surgery
Franco Migliori was born on January 13, 1956. He took his Medicine Degree at Genoa University in 1980. He is the director of Plastic Surgery & Burns Unit at "San Martino" University Hospital since 2001, and is consultant professor in Plastic Surgery for resident students at University of Genoa. He used to play (and still does ...) tennis, soccer and golf at semi-pro level since decades ago, and he owns the same guitar as Jimi Hendrix - whose favorite scalpel brand is unfortunately unknown.
Contact: franco.migliori@ilabs.it

Alessandro Pasta
3D Modelling
Alessandro Pasta (M.Sc. in Physics, specialization in statistical models) was, during his first life, a CERN researcher at the prestigious research facility in Switzerland, writing softwares in his spare time. In the second and most recent life, he has become Software Architect @ Diagramma - the main IT firm in the Italian insurance market -, but he still manages to find some time to keep on reading the latest news from the world of physics. Alessandro is involved in the modelling of the 3D version of the Mathematics of Models of Reference through the iLabs customized graphical environment.
Contatto: alessandro.pasta@ilabs.it

Igor Sibaldi
Igor Sibaldi was born on June 15, 1957 (Milan) and he is a philologist. Igor spends most of his time elaborating radical interpretations of Holy Scriptures, building a new model of the mind and developing an epistemology based on atemporality. He holds that his studies may appear heterogenous to his contemporaries, but thousands year ago they would have been considered obviously related one another; moreover, he bets they will be fashionable again in ten years or less. In his spare time, he likes to tell others what he discovers in his research time, trough books and a lot of conferences.
Contact: igor.sibaldi@ilabs.it

Paolo Sommaggio
Ethics, Political Theory, Society
Paolo was born in the second half of the last century in a year x where x mod 10 = 0. He has a Ph.D., and teaches Philosophy of Law, Methodology of Law and Legal Ethics. He is a lawyer and a teacher in several "Scuole degli Ordini Forensi". He tried, without success, to become a rock-star.
Contact: paolo.sommaggio@ilabs.it

Franco Belluschi
Logistic and communication
Franco was born the 4th of May, 1966. He got two different degrees but he forswears both of them. His name is "Francesco Innocente Antonio" but for unknown reasons he is called "Franco". He played keyboards and guitar bass for several famous musicians, even though he himself admits that he cannot read a music paper. His technological skills support every iLabs activity, from film-making to web sites.
Contact: franco.belluschi@ilabs.it

Cefi Bicerano
Accounting and Administration
Cefi was born the 28th of July, 1953. He is fluent in Turkish, French, Italian and "a few other languages" we don't understand. Born and raised in Istanbul, he changed country and life in 1999, moving to Milan to pursue the Italian Dream - love and good food. Married and slightly overweight, Cefi joined iLabs in 2010 to take care of our logistics, administration and accounting.
Contatto: cefi.bicerano@ilabs.it

Veronica Contini
Brand Development
Veronica Contini was born January 21, 1985. For half of her time in the past two years, she has been organizing cultural events and promotion activities, while, in the remaining half, trying to persuade others that it's a very serious business. In her spare time she enjoys riding (rigorously vintage) her Vespa, getting her major in philosophy and learning eastern dances. She works with iLabs to create Singularity-based events and to promote their technological enterprises in the Italian media.
Contact: veronica.contini@ilabs.it

Bruno Lenzi
Cryonics and Life-Span Extension
Bruno Lenzi was born October 1, 1988, and he is into transhumanism since 2004, well before starting college studies in engineering (a by-product of his passion for longevism and Singularity). He is the founder of Lifext and, together with Doctor Zoidberg, he is the most prominent Italian expert in cryonics.
Contact: bruno.lenzi@ilabs.it

David Orban
Transhumanism and International Relations
David Orban is Advisor and European Lead for the Singularity University, Scientific Advisor of Lifeboat Foundation, Founder of WideTag, as well as a virtually infinite series of other things. Together with endless ingenuity, he shared with Odysseus (equally endless) trips around the globe. David is iLabs advisor for transhumanist events and international relations with other transhumanist organizations and institutions.
Contatto: david.orban@ilabs.it

Camilla Peroni
International Communication
Camilla was born on July 31st, 1985. She currently studies International Economics and Management at Bocconi university. She owes her thorough knowledge of international economics and international relations to her mastery in the game of Risk. She can express her pleasant sarcasm in Italian, English, French and in Silence. She collaborates with iLabs for the translation of texts.
Contact: camilla.peroni@ilabs.it