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Antonella Canonico

Antonella Canonico was born the 12th of April, 1961, in Gavirate (Varese). Graduated summa cum laude in Psychology from University of Lubjana, she further specialized in the psychology of cognitive processes in San Raffaele University (Milan). A qualified PNL International Pratictioner and Brief Terapy psychologist, Antonella also got a Master (Analgesy Practitioner) from National Guild of Ipnotista (ISI-CNV, Nice). A member of the Lombardy's Association of Psychologists and the Slovenia's Association of Psychologists, she is iLabs C.E.O..


She has always been working on therapy - with a special focus on psycho-oncology - and research:

- pain management
- hypnosis
- meditation
- mind-body interplay
- tools and strategies for wellness and prevention
- models of cognitive processes
- psychology of emotions

Contributing for years to the development of the Mathematics of the Models of Reference, she has been elaborating a new "mathematics of thought" - the Psychology of the Models of Reference - for diagnostic and clinical purposes.

In 1996 she founded one of the first Italian on-line psychological counseling. In the mean time, she contributed through terapy to popularize the approach of psychoneurophysiology in Italy.

In 2002 she founded Buddhamam, an advanced center for stress management and stress prevention, selected by “Future Concept Lab” as one of the world six most innovative enterprises in wellness-related business.

In 2003 she completed Symbolic Music, a series of musical CDs explicitely created to aid cognitive performances, such as abstract and creative mental processes.

In 2007 she wrote, together with her husband Gabriele Rossi, “Semi-Immortality. The indefinite extension of human life-span.”, manifesto of European transhumanism.


In 2008 she focused on recent improvements in diagnostics and evidence-based medicine, contributing to the design of iMed, iLabs' estimator for mind-body efficiency and biological age.

In 2009 she published “The Mind does not Lie - Everyday Psychoneurophysiology” as a result of more than a decade working on mind-body correlations.  

In 2010 she wrote with her husband Gabriele Rossi “Love Game”, an essay on psychosexuology.


She joined the Advisory Board of the Lifeboat Foundation in the Medical/Biotech Board.


She is one of the Technovisionaries 2010, recipient of the prestigious W&T prize InterdisciplinariaMente for her research in psychology and stress management.


As iLabs co-founder she had one of the main talk ("Human 2.0") at the iLabs Singularity Summit 2011, the first Italian convention on Singularity and life-span extension.