iLabs is a multidisciplinary private research institute, working since 1977 on scientific, technological and philosophical issues related to the Singularity.

Approaching the Singularity brings revolutionary changes in every part of individuals' and societies' lives: the most spectacular side effect of this new technological era will be the radical extension of human life-span, from today's 80 years to hundreds and more. The more we learn about the actual structure of the Human System, the better will be our ability to protect and repair our minds and bodies.

We do believe that the forthcoming revolution can be successfully prepared and lived only by individuals who are fully aware of the opportunity and the risk involved. In particular, together with a progressive enhancement of physical abilities, a generalized intelligence leap will create better individuals and groups: every Man 2.0 will be a complete and autonomous system, completely responsible for his actions and fully aware of their consequences.

For the first time in history, the human brain will no longer be the only example of true intelligence: the latest generation of "thinking machines" is already helping humans in producing deeper theories of Reality and solving many open challenges in science and technology. In the process of building Artificial Minds, we are likely to steadily improve the understanding of our own, coming closer and closer to the full discovery of the Rules of the Game.

Finally, if it is true that with great power comes great responsibility, it is just by combining scientific innovation with a rigorous, well-argued account of human and artificial ethics that the future we are building will be fair and fully desirable.