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Gabriele Rossi and Antonella Canonico founded iLabs in 1977. This is a brief summary of our interests, studies, applications.

1977. Researches on language and aesthetics.
1978. Development of mathematical software for electronic calculators.
1979. Creation of advertising campaigns.
1980. Creation of tools for the study of decision-making and expectations. Business-oriented development of personal computer technology. Development of tools for data compression.
1981. Realization of the first Italian net for data transmission (25 cities). Studies on the forecasting of financial markets.
1982. Birth of the first European system exclusively PC-based.
1983. Creation of tools for the study of analogical and creative reasoning. Simulations of artificial lives. Development of tools in robotics and visual pattern recognition. Creation of Sistema I, the first Italian relational data-base.
1984. Creation of a self-monitoring and self-modifying application, specialized in planning dynamically the production processes of a big factory.
1985. Development of an expert system for finance management. Creation of computer graphic tools.
1986. Birth of IAssicur, a relational data-base devoted to insurance companies and brokers. Researches on the psychology of fashion.
1987. Development of iCrypto, a proprietary software for cryptography.
1988. Development of multimedia tools and voice recognition systems.
1989. Creation of i3NET, an application that enables a unified management of communicative process inside and outside any company. Development of domotic technology. Researches on psychology of tastes (soft drinks).
1990. Creation of “Il Giornale del broker “, a fax-journal. Creation of pictures with Cyber-I-Arte.
1991. Creation of an expert system, IAssist, that recognizes questions received by fax and replies. Birth of Cyber-I-Musica. Development of psychological tools to improve memory and study mental clustering.
1992. Opening of I-TecnoVita, show room in downtown Milan that forecasts the web era. Application of econometrics to company management. Fundamental results in psychoneurophysiology. Creation of a formal model (with 64 parameters) to represent of human mind. Birth of Cyber-I-Letteratura.
1993. Installation of expert systems, named ‘i5’, for insurance companies and brokers.
1994. Development of virtual realities applied to economics and social sciences. Birth of BBS Cyber-I-Spazio Assicurativo and projects of virtual cities. For the first time in Italy an IT company enables customers to compare in real time different insurance prices charged by different companies.
1995. Birth of ZaZen, an expert system for real time trading on derivatives market. For the first time, insurance policies can be purchased online. Birth of symbolic mnemonic system, ‘i6’. Creation of the first “Virtual Entity” that can reply to any question (written in Italian).
1996. Beginning of the European project Regis (Re-engineering of the Insurance Services). Researches on the utility of Virtual Entities in psychoneurophysiology. Birth of IAssicur 1997, one of the first intranet/HTML software available worldwide. Creation of a web psychological assistance.
1997. Installation of software for insurance companies completely internet-based. Creation of a web Virtual Entity specialized in insurance issues. Development of tools for hypnosis and neuro-linguistical programming.
1998. Birth of “Cyan", one of the first web newspaper devoted to financial and insurance markets. Researches on the psychology of entertainment.
1999. Birth of IComp 2000. Development of physiological and psychological tools using biofeedback techniques.
2000. Creation of IAssicut Next 2000, with a new data-base perfectly complying SQL standards. Important results in the study of self-reference and its application in the fields of medicine and psychology. Researches on the economics of underdeveloped countries. First studies in oncology.
2001. Birth of IAssicur.Net. Development of computational tools to study complex systems. Research on the psychology of risk perception and risk management. Development of 3D/VRML interfaces.
2002. Birth of Buddhamam, a 1000 mq wellness center near Milan. Researches on roboethics.
2003. Sdk Advanced for IAssicur is released. Creation of PaginaCliente, a real time monitoring system for the customer assistance. Development of tools for automatic learning and text comprehension. Research on physics. Application of self-reference to the study and resolution of genetic and immune system diseases.
2004. First WebTV with multi cast technology. Creation of IWTester, a software that automatically tests whatever is under development. Researches on the technology of search engines semantically-based.
2005. IAssicur SQL Grid and Load Balancing are released. Development of tools for the mathematics of models of reference. Researches on the psychology of emotions.
2006. Birth of IAssicur Transazionale edition. Researches on genetics and hereditability of non-genetic dispositions. Introduction of AJAX technology into software development. Researches on cardiovascular diseases.
2007. Researches on nanosciences and molecular computation. A Large DataBase version of IAssicur is released. Publishing of Semi-Immortality: science, philosophy and technology for the indefinite extension of human life-span.
2008. Birth of IAssicur Compagnia edition. Researches in biostatistics: general life-expectancy, risk factors, correlation between age and blood test results within iMed framework.
2009. iLabs found ilabs-tech, a technological start-up for singularity-based projects. Studies in logic, mathematics of models of reference and cellular automata.
2010. Studies in the physics of computation, ethics and philosophy of law. Publishing of The Mathematics of Models of Reference, Gioco di Coppia and The Law in the Society of Semi-Immortality. Conferences for the Road Map to iLabs Singularity Summit
2011. iLabs Singularity Summit organization, the first international event in Italy on Singularity. Release of Fabbrica Prodotti Broker. Development of Venexia, the A.I. software for smarter help desk and automated customer care.
2012. Official release of of Venexia, the iLabs G.A.I., together with its first user interface, explicitely designed for smarter customer care.
2013. Launch of Eptalia (iLabs meta-society), development of the new IAssicur version, publication of the book Frammenti di un'Anima Antica and two Ph.D. dissertations, I+ and Digital Philosophy. Researches in digital currencies and the economy of Eptalia.
2014. Development of the new IAssicur version - IAssicur Plus - with the latest web technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, responsive design). Exploration of text-to-speech and speech-to-text interfaces with Venexia Voice, launch of VenexiaOCR project.
2015. Development of the Data-Base Independent version for IAssicur software family.