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About Us

iLabs was founded in Milan in 1977 by Gabriele Rossi and Antonella Canonico. iLabs' main research interests lie in the complex interplay of science, philosophy and technology as we approach the Singularity: mathematicians, physicists, chemists, A.I. experts, biologists, physiologists, geneticists, psychologists, philosophers, linguists, jurists, economists and several institutes have worked with us in the past – and many more are working with us today.

Throughout our history, we have been pursuing an original research agenda and explaining our discoveries in the media. We have also invented a wide range of innovative products: thanks to our enterpreneurial activities, especially in the IT market, we are an entirely self-funded research center.

On 05/03/2011 we hosted the iLabs Singularity Summit, the first Italian event completely devoted to exploring the unprecedented and exciting scenarios made possible by the forthcoming Singularity.